Advanced Manufacturing Skills Center

Financial Assistance

Many of the financial assistance options below are available for WATR Center (Aerospace program) students, but some may be applicable to AMSC programs as well.

Students specifically entering the 10-12 week AMSC Construction Pre-Apprenticeship program will have their cost/fees covered by our generous sponsors and partners.

Please contact us at or call the front desk at 425.640.1840 to find out which financial aid programs may be available to you.

Please note:  The aerospace and maritime programs are self support so they do not qualify for the payment plan that is allowed for on-campus credited classes. There are no refunds after the first day of class.

The Aerospace Loan Program (ALP)

The Aerospace Loan Program (ALP) provides low-interest loans to Washington students who have been accepted into the Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center Program but have demonstrated inability to pay the full cost of attending the program.

Students can receive up to $8,900 for 20 weeks of training to enhance their existing job skills or earn certificates of completion in various aerospace production fields. The Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center was created to help meet the demand for skilled aerospace workers in Washington. After completion of the program, ALP recipients have a 6 month grace period before their first payment is due and up to three years to repay their loans.


Basic Food Employment Training (BFET)

Students who receive food assistance through the Basic Food in Washington program may qualify for educational funding assistance as well. Learn more by emailing Or, fill out the application below to check your eligibility and the availability of funding.

  1.  Fill out Application for BFET
  2. Fill out BFET Release Clause

GET Program

The GET Program is Washington's 529 prepaid college tuition plan that helps families with young children save for future higher education expenses. The State of Washington guarantees that the value of your account will keep pace with the cost of college tuition, no matter how much it increases in the future (even if it doubles or triples). The earlier you start saving, the greater the opportunity for increased value of your GET account.

Veterans Benefits

For students who are using the GI Bill®*, contact Edmonds College Veteran’s Resource Center at 425.640.1502 for verification and enrollment.

*GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Sallie Mae Loan Program

The Salle Mae—Smart Option Student Loan is the only nationwide private student loan offering a Graduated Repayment Period feature8, providing budget flexibility for graduating students.

WorkSource Resources - Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act

WIOA Adult (Low Income) Individuals receiving Food Assistance or TANF, can apply for WIOA through the WorkSource. If you are not receiving benefits but 
WIOA Dislocated Worker - Individuals who are presently receiving Unemployment Benefits might be eligible to apply for WIOA dislocated funding. The referral process is as follows:
To determine eligibility for either of the WIOA programs, complete this Adult & Dislocated Worker Referral Form.

Customers are automatically added a waitlist and are contacted by our Program Tech within 48 business hours of submitting the form. They can also contact or 425.372.7205 if they have questions about WIOA or their status on the waitlist.

Private Scholarships

While we are not affiliated with them, there are private scholarships and loans as well. One such program is Work Ethics Scholarship offered through Mike Rowe Works Foundation. This scholarship is designated for programs that offer an alternative to traditional academic degrees. To apply, visit Mike Rowe Works Scholarship.

Other private organizations such as the Rotary Club have also funded students taking WATR Center programs. Check with your school administrator to see what might be available.