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Aerospace Manufacturing

Washington Aerospace Training and Research Center

Interested in a career in Aerospace Manufacturing? At the AMSC's Washington Aerospace Training & Research Center, students learn the skills required for a high-wage, high-demand manufacturing job in just 12 weeks.


The Washington Aerospace Training & Research (WATR) Center offers five specialty programs that can give you the skills you need to get a high-wage, high-demand job in manufacturing.

Hybrid Learning


Our 12-Week Certificate Programs (Manufacturing Core & Specialty) are hybrids - this means that you will take your courses online, but also complete an immersive, in-person lab at the WATR Center with our state-of-the-art, industry-approved equipment.


Manufacturing Core


You will start your journey with the Manufacturing Core Certificate. In this online-only 4-week course, you learn all of the basics that you need to move on to your Specialty - and your new career. 


5 Specialty Certificates


Once you complete the Manufacturing Core Certificate, you will select a specialty certificate program. Specialties include Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic, Electrical Assembly Mechanic, Manufacturing Composites, Tooling Mechanic, and Quality Assurance (QA).

Many of the skills learned within your specialty can be applied to aerospace as well as other manufacturing fields!



WATR Center Programs

Manufacturing Core (prerequisite)

Introduction to the manufacturing industry and general manufacturing procedures

Manufacturing Assembly Mechanic

Use a a wide range of tools and material in order to assemble machines, tools and structures

Electrical Assembly Mechanic

Electrical assembly and soldering skills for careers in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Composites

Manufacturing composite material as used in aerospace and other industries

Tooling Mechanic

Detail-oriented production of tools, jibs, and other equipment designed to meet precise specs

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality assurance, conflict resolution, and processes in respect to manufacturing

The WATR Center is committed to providing innovative and relevant programs of study for present and future manufacturing workers that meet the demands of the fast-paced aerospace industry. The WATR Center's strong connection with the local industry means that they will teach you exactly what you need to know to excel in today's workforce.

Get trained and ready for high-paying jobs in just 12 weeks! Earn college credit and Certificates of Completion that will qualify you for opportunities in aerospace and other manufacturing careers.

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