Advanced Manufacturing Skills Center

AI & Robotics

AI and Robotics

The AI & Robotics program at the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Center will teach students the skills they need to quickly get a job in the manufacturing industry.

AI and Robotics in Manufacturing

It is a new age in manufacturing - be a part of the future! Countless robotic devices are used to create items, devices, and vehicles that we use every day. The manufacturing industry requires extreme precision and many repetitive tasks, making robots a natural choice for many projects. At the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Center (AMSC), you will aquire the skills you need to work with these robots, or in a cobot environment. This manufacturing sector is growing exponentially as more and more companies turn to robotics to increase efficiency and safety on the shop floor. 

It is estimated that half of all workers in AI robotics will require upskilling or reskilling to adapt to new or changing job roles in the next five years. AMSC will continue to partner with employers in the industry to identify, develop, and deliver the skills their employees need to remain competitive. Some training pathways for technicians in AI & Robotics may include maintenance, avionics electronics, mechatronics, automation, field electronics, electronic controls, metrology, and special electronic device repairs.

New in 2023, check back soon to see what certificates will be offered in AI & Robotics at the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Center!


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